svasukha yoga studio offers a variety of classes to condition your mind, body and spirit ...
Build strength, flexibility and confidence through asana and breath.

Take the journey towards happiness within
Vinyasa Yoga more info ...
Allow breath to be your guide as you flow through a natural sequence of
postures based on a variation of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga.  Modifications
will be given to accommodate different levels of practitioners.  Beginning
to advanced students welcome.
Check out this
Sample Vinyasa Yoga class with Kerri.

Vinyasa II Yoga more info ...
This class is 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Build on the foundation of your Vinyasa Yoga practice, flow through
more vinyasas as you advance your postures.  Half Vinyasas between
postures build strength, flexibility and stamina.  

Prenatal Yoga more info ...
Find comfort through posture, breath and visualization as your body
changes and a new life develops.  Approach the birth of your baby with
confidence.  Share your experience with a community of expectant
Prenatal Special: If you birth your baby before your 8 weeks
are over, classes are held for
Postnatal Yoga.  
Check out this
Sample Prenatal Yoga class with Kerri.

Postnatal Yoga more info ...
Yoga for mom + baby (babies 6 weeks to crawling).
Bond with your baby and restore your body after birth.  This class
includes postures for both mom + baby.  Yoga promotes development of
your baby, aids digestion and improves quality of sleep.  Fussy baby, no
worries as fellow new moms can relate!  Postures for mom can be
modified to include your baby if they need comfort.  This class will help
you regain strength and restore your abdominal muscles and back
stability.  A great way to meet like-minded new moms.
Postnatal Special: If your baby crawls early, you can transfer your
remaining classes to
Vinyasa Yoga.
To Be Announced

To Be Announced

sthira     sukham     asanam
the yoga pose is firm but happy
                        - Patanjali II.46
Yoga Class Schedule
Single classes or 8 week sessions available.  8 classes must be made up within 9 consecutive weeks.
Single classes (drop-in) are
$18.  8 week sessions are $120.  Cash or Cheque only.
Please register before you arrive for class.  Your Questions Answered Here ...
svasukha yoga studio is closed for summer holidays.  Yoga classes with Kerri will
resume in September at a new location with a new schedule.
 See you in September!
Kerri Schnarr